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Connecting And Accelerating Global Success

In today’s global economy, reach and continuity are essential to success. To become an industry leader and confidently remain one, organizations across verticals must establish a reliable, end-to-end, and flexible logistics network. That’s where Global Critical Logistics comes in. Through our leading brands (Rock-it Cargo, Dietl, Cosdel, CargoLive, Dynamic International, GCL Jets and CARS) we manage all aspects of logistics planning, execution, and operations to help our clients create the continuity needed to run a more efficient and expansive global business.

Mission-Critical Logistics For World-Wide Operations

Every project we support is backed by the shared resources, expertise, and services built from decades of combined experience. This means that no matter how or where a client works with us, they have access to the entirety of the GCL network and our suite of specialized logistics services.

But this global network is only made possible by the individuals on the ground, working hands-on to push their clients forward. That’s why every logistics specialist across our portfolio is personally empowered to deliver the most tailored, creative, and complete solutions for their clients.

Experts Advancing
Industry Growth


At GCL, we believe that we can help our clients run their business better by helping them solve their logistic problems. That’s why we have built a portfolio of companies – each of which is focused on taking on mission critical logistics for their clients and with long-standing expertise in those industries.

 GCL’s portfolio companies have a 40+ year legacy of tackling high-pressure, high value logistics challenges. With 39 owned offices in 14 countries, over 200 global partners, 3,500 clients, 10,000 annual events that are serviced, GCL has combined personal service with a platform of scale to serve its clients’ needs. This commitment to best practices, shared cross industry insights and proprietary, state of the art technology create a powerful platform in the service of our clients.

Music Touring

Live Entertainment

Performing Arts

Large Scale Events

Sports and Motor Sports

Film and Broadcast

Fine Arts

Classic and Modern Car Transport

Tradeshows, Fairs, Exhibitions and Corporate Marketing Events

Industrial Projects

Where Scalable Meets Sustainable.

We have a unique opportunity to help our clients better understand their impact on the environment and actively work to reduce it. That’s why our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program integrates ESG considerations into daily operations, allowing our companies to create scalable, sustainable solutions as a standard practice for every project – not as an afterthought.

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